Super Coffees and Other Beverages that are Great For You

We, humans, have invented thousands of ready to drink coffees to boost our energy levels. After a time, everyone looks out for better and delicious options. Instead of settling for a Kopi Luwak brewed coffee, we all want to dive into the options of freshly made beverages. This way, we can know our choices as a trendy coffee shop customer and know what to pick and what not to?

Coffee – To Eliminate it or Not?

A brewed cup of coffee has been famous for many years now. There are in use for certain natural ingredients with a high level of protein, vitamins, flavonoids, antioxidants etc. As per different customizations in coffee, it seems to be served mostly with plant-based milk.

People are now bending towards brown sugar in any form or syrup, honey, stevia, and other ingredients with naturally sweet in taste in terms of sweeteners.

There are two main types of these drinks. And both of them can be served hot and cold.

  •  Kopi Luwak Coffee and milk with an infusion of some special ingredient.
  • Milk with some special main ingredient of the drink.

At some point, we all are highly interested in the different versions of coffee. However, at times our behaviours as a consumer are entirely according to the trends. Coffee shops need to put alterations in their beverages because it is not necessary for a group of people to be there only for a coffee cup. This is why the coffee chains should have great brewed coffee and coffee + milk-based super drinks. This article will give you a bit of insight into our secret super coffee recipe and Milk-based super drinks. Let us brew in.

The Coffee-Based Super Drinks

To make a super coffee drink, you need to combine kopi luwak coffee with some oil or butter. The oil to be used is usually MCT or any other coconut oil, and for the butter, you can use or opt for ghee.

We present you with a smooth and straightforward, plus easy way to prepare coffee at home in the below-mentioned information. Have a look at the ingredients at first.

  • Two dl of freshly brewed filtered Kopi Luwak Coffee.
  • One tablespoon of MCT oil.
  • One tablespoon of ghee or any other butter alternative.

Measure all the ingredients into a blender and blend it until the texture turns out to be fluffy.

Milk-Based Super Drinks

Now, for the milk-based beverages with no coffee, you have a variety of options. The base of a milk-based super drink is usually a spice paste or a dry spice mix. When it comes to purchase or choose these products, make sure it is of high quality. The artificial flavouring may not bring out the authenticity of the spice.

The most common ingredients that one can use are:

  • Chai – brings oriental warmth.
  • Beetroot – delivers the pink sweetie flavour and texture.
  • Matcha – the evergreen
  • Lucuma – the creamy darling
  • Maca – the malty maniac
  • Moringa – the trendy miracle

These milk-based super beverages can also be served cold. If you are thinking of adding a boost to your super drink, you can do it with MCT oil or coconut oil.

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