Get Rid of the Knots in Your Hair Without Destroying It

There are several battles fought throughout history. But there is still one battle that people with long hair cannot win. Your hair is long or short, curly or straight, natural or chemically straightened; there comes a stage where one had to deal with hair that’s been tangled in knots. Plus, the hair knots have no age limit and struggling to brush them out certainly doesn’t get better. And this frustration may lead you to cut out the knots? And is this the feeling you get every time you pick up the comb to brush your hair or detangle its knots?. If the answer to both the questions is a big “YES”, then all the women will relate with you. This article will help you inform the causes of why your hair gets tangled kind. Also various hacks & what would be the best hair brush to get rid of those pesky knots.

What Causes Knots in Your Hair?

Well, each one of you looks out for the ways to untangle your tresses. But, none of you looks out for the reason why it happens. The knots occur when the outer layer of your hair is damaged and opens up. Then those opened cuticles block each other and form knots. To elaborate it more, a knot is formed when two single strands of hair wrap around each other and become closely tied. And if this thing happens to a couple of strands, it gets challenging to detangle those knots. It may be easier for those who have smooth or silky hair types. But the one with the damaged and textured hair mostly wavy or curly type is the worst.

The tangling of the hair can happen to anyone, yet many factors can contribute to hair tangling:

  • Harsh hair care products
  • Massaging hair too hard while shampooing
  • Heat styling
  • Rubbing hair with a towel
  • Wind blowing through your hair
  • Not brushing hair daily or overbrushing.
  • Sleeping with your hair down
  • Split ends

Ways to Undo a Knot in Your Hair

Brush it with the Best Hairbrush before Washing

Washing your hair is a necessary need for human hygiene. But to avoid tangles and knots, the best way is to brush your hair out before brushing. To brush it, one can easily take up sections and start from the bottom where the most knots and tangles are and then move in the upward direction.

Condition it Before You Use a Shampoo

Suppose you have a hair type that gets easily tangled whenever you get into a shower. Then consider using a conditioner. Well, conditioning is one of the most important steps toward good hair care. To use it effectively, consider using the conditioner before. You read that right; one can smoothly use a conditioner before shampoo. All you have to do is apply the conditioner on the ends first and comb through with a wide-toothed comb. Afterwards, apply the shampoo to the scalp or the roots and at last, wash both them together. It is an effective hack because the shampoo ends up drying the hair and can strip too many oils out of hair. 

Comb in an Upward Motion

We are aware that we all have been brushing our hair from top to the nape from ancient times. Try to avoid this motion when you are trying to detangle the knots from your hair. By brushing your hair from top to the nape can give stress on the hair, and can lead to hair fall. But according to the celebrity hairstylist, Wendy Iles” Always comb your hair from the neck upward”. And just by changing the way of combing your hair is more likely to make a huge difference. 

Using the Detangling Spray

It is always easier to have a quick fix when it comes to untangling the knots. And the option for that quick fix is using a detangling spray. Buying a detangling spray is worth it. After applying the spray, it reduces the tension between the hair while detangling. The spray can be used in both the conditions, with damp and dry hair. Plus, it is completely safe and need not be rinsed out.

Utilize those Fingers

As you are about to use that comb to detangle the knots, try to separate your hair into sections with your fingers. This process should be done with complete care and gently. By doing so, it will eliminate most of the tangles before combing your hair.

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