Advantages of Handmade Mugs Over Other Ceramics

When it comes to mugs, many of you might think that mugs are overrated gifts since there are just too many mugs all over the stores. However, mugs will always be a good and useful gift. Add the fact that the mug is also personalized; this makes for a memorable gift. 

Different types of mugs are available in the market within different materials. This includes metals, polymers, etc. But these materials are not good for health, especially for children. For them, you can make use of handmade mugs. There are many online kitchen pottery stores from where you can easily buy top-notch Emma Bridgewater handmade mugs. 

Now, most of you think that why handmade mugs?

There are several reasons for using handmade mugs over other ceramics. Few of them are considered below:

  • They are strong, high wear, heat, pressure, & chemical attack resistance (gas and liquids).
  • Handmade mugs are extremely hard.
  • Excellent electrical insulation
  • Very lightweight in the comparison of other ceramics.

Let’s considered some effective advantages of handmade mugs:

1. Environment Friendly

The first and most effective advantages of handmade mugs over ceramic mugs are environment friendly. It is because they are commonly made up of clay and sand, wood, or bone. They are biodegradable but the ceramic modern mugs are made of bone china, earthenware, porcelain, stoneware, Pyrex, etc. These kinds of plastic material aren’t biodegradable. Moreover, this will automatically contribute to a negative impact on the environment. 

2. Retain Heat Better

Another biggest advantage of handmade mugs is a good source of retaining heat as compared to others. These mugs have the capacity to keep your drink hotter for longer because they lose heat at a slower but pother ceramics like porcelain, or plastics loss of heat is through the direct contact of two materials. In other words, you can say that handmade mugs lose heat by 11% lower than other glass type ceramics of the same shape & sizes. 

3. Highly Durable

Handmade mugs are more durable as compared to other ceramic. They don’t chip and break easily. With a handmade mug, thrown on a potter’s wheel, heated in a kiln and your logo branded across the front, now people can take a little piece of you back home.    

4. More Stylish and Unique

Last but not least. Handmade Burleigh pottery is available in unique and antique designs. Like other ceramics, you don’t need to buy the same minor designs, you can purchase every single piece with different colors or designs. 

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