Coronavirus Antibody Test Kit – How To Test For Coronavirus?

No country knows the total number of people infected with COVID-19. All we know is the infection status of those who have been tested. All those who have a lab-confirmed infection are counted as confirmed cases.

Well, A lot has been discussed about the recent outbreak of Coronavirus. But nobody knows exactly “What is COVID-19”?

Coronavirus is a larger family of viruses that cause illnesses such as the common cold, severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS), and the Middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS). This virus erupted in 2019 in china. This is a very dangerous virus that affects both animals and humans. There can be cases where the virus affects animals and turns into a new virus that affects humans.

Today, there are several kinds of Coronavirus antibody test kit launched by several industries. Antibody tests mean serological tests, used to find out the presence of the virus in a body. In this method of testing, blood samples are used to find antibodies. This process also detects the number of antibodies that are produced by the immune system. Moreover, this process also detects the number of antibodies that are produced by the immune system.

Few Methods to Get Tested for Coronavirus: 

In case you feel your symptoms are specific to the coronavirus, your healthcare provider can get in touch with CDC or the local healthcare departments for testing instructions. There are specific labs set up for conducting coronavirus tests, so you may be directed to one of these labs.

1: Swab Test: In this test, professionals use a special swab to take a sample from your nose or throat.

2: Nasal aspirate: During this test, doctors will inject a saline solution into your nose and, then take a sample with the suction of light.

3: Tracheal aspirate: In the tracheal aspirate test, a thin tube with a torch, also known as a bronchoscope, is put into your mouth to reach your lungs to collect the sample. 

4: Sputum Test: In this case, Sputum is a thick mucus that gets accumulated in the lungs and comes out with a cough. During this test, a special cup or a swab is used to take a sample from your nose. 

5: Blood Test: In this case, a blood sample is taken from a vein in the arm. 

Some Other Tests Done Only by COVID Antibody Test Kit:

Antigen Tests:

It is a kind of test that usually provides results diagnosing an active coronavirus infection faster as compared to other tests. With these tests, you have less chance of missing an active infection. 

Antibody Tests:

This test detects the presence of antibodies in the blood of COVID-19 infected people. These tests may provide quick results, but should not be used to diagnose an active infection. The strength of antibody response depends on several factors like age, medications, infections, and severity of the disease, etc.

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