What is Drone Technology and How Does It Use for Event Marketing?

There has been a noticeable change in the aerial photography market in recent years. Drones are often celebrated for their ability to capture a new vantage point on the world. It provides you the ease of capturing beautiful images in a single shot.

According to research, Drone technology is expected to boost the aerial photography industry by 15 percent over the next six years. New York City aerial Photography are images of the land taken from an elevated/direct-down position. To capture the large scale view you can mount or handheld the drone underwing aircraft, helicopter, or unmanned aerial vehicle. This will help you to capture a realistic view or assessment of assets. They cover vast areas with one single frame. Drones are an affordable means to explore previously unfeasible angles and map new areas with ease, making them almost indispensable in a vast range of industries.

Along with this, several real estate companies use drones or aerial photography. It helps to see a home from every angle especially if the property is expansive. Moreover, you can also use aerial photography in cartography, land-use planning, archaeology, movie production, environmental studies, espionage, commercial advertising, conveyancing, and other fields.

Unique Shots of a Drone:

Aerial Shots:

Before the use of commercial drones, the only way to produce an aerial shot was to rent a helicopter and licensed pilot. Drones make aerial shots a lot simpler, a lot higher quality, and a lot lower of a cost. It also uses up too much time and resources.

Motion Shots:

Drone videography is especially popular for events that have a lot of fast action, like sporting events. You can get a drone close to the action without getting in the way, and it can move and fly down the court or field right alongside the players.

Aerial Photographer in New York City
Aerial Photographer in NYC

Some Uses of Drones for Your Event:

Use in Terms of Location Spotting:

The first and foremost benefit of aerial photography is that it helps you to spot the location. It is because looking for the perfect place to host an event is very hard to just walk the grounds or look at a map. Flying your drone over the property can give you a better sense of what it looks like. Moreover, this will also capture the hard-to-see areas for better mapping and planning.

Best Suitable for Creating Marketing Material:

Take aerial photos or close up shots you can use in marketing materials for the next event. Professional photography elevates the perceived quality of an event, so next time around you can attract even more customers.

Helps in Capturing Live Stream:

With the help of Aerial Photographer in New York City, you can use drone technology to capture the Live stream of the event as it’s going on. With these capabilities, you can film the event from several angles to get a super-immersive video. Moreover, this will provide a better view of attendees.

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